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When people call our numbers from mobile and fixed networks round the world, the calls often travel through multiple wholesale carriers. In the past, calls then got sent to BT before they reached Jtec

At Jtec we are now interconnected with many wholesalers so our calls often get to us directly, without the need to go through BT. Wholesalers are the 'shortstop' and the call is the ball

By avoiding BT as a transit route we can better guarantee outpayment, increase termination quality and ensure the correct owner of the numbers receive the call revenue

We monitor traffic in real-time and raise an alarm if calls are arriving via an undesirable route

Read more on how to avoid call hijacking...


What happens is that calls to premium rate, personal, non-geographic or mobile numbers are diverted away from their correct destination and answered by someone else

Hijacking can be quite sophisticated and copy an entire IVR service, or just answer the call and play ring tone or music. Either way the hijacker gets paid the call revenue, even though the calls never reach their destination

With our relationships with wholesale carriers and our intelligent network, we mitigate the risk of hijacking and make sure that calls always reach their correct destination

If you use our numbers our free web tool confirms the calls have arrived and which carrier routed the call

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